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One of the great new features in 4.5 is a new form of global exception handling. Whereas 4.0 introduced CFTRY/CFCATCH to wrap around a segment of code to be tested and acted upon in case of error, we were still limited to the aged CFERROR tag to trap general errors. The benefit of CFERROR is that you get to create a page with the layout and background colors to suit you and your organization's preferences, rather than the unadorned white page with black text that is normally displayed when a CF error is encountered. Unfortunately, until 4.5, you could only use HTML on this error handling page. No CFML. There was a presumed CFOUTPUT open, but the only available variables were those holding information about the error. You couldn't trigger an e-mail with CFMAIL, nor could you log the error in a database. These limitations kept many from bothering, which is too bad be... (more)

Hidden Gems in 4.0.1

Given that most people are now introducing and installing ColdFusion version 4.5, Allaire's latest release of the server and studio software, it may seem strange to read an article on 4.0.1. Isn't 4.0.1 old news? And anyway, wasn't it just a maintenance fix? There were new features introduced in the release. While the Allaire Release Notes and Web highlight pages mentioned several of the more prominent features, there were still more - far more - than you would expect in a mere maintenance release. I've counted more than 60 new features or changes, and many of them aren't well do... (more)

Errors in Your Code

Errors and bugs: they happen in all code, mostly in development but in production too and perhaps more easily in CFML than in compiled languages. There are several features to help better handle, debug, and test for them, and this article will focus on those. I started writing in the CFDJ in 1999, and I often point people back to my previous articles and those of others when challenges arise. The most common one I point to is my 4-part series on error handling from five years ago, and still other authors have addressed related but different aspects. It seems the issues of dealin... (more)

Using Saved Queries in the Query Builder

If you "save" the query instead (either by using the left-most icon at the top of the query builder or by simply closing the query builder once you've created or modified one), this saved query is presented in a list of all such queries that have been saved for the given datasource (presented below the list of tables for that datasource, as shown in the database tab). You can then drag and drop such a saved query onto your CFML code. You can also change a saved query by double-clicking on it in the just-mentioned list of saved queries. Note, however, that once a query is dropped... (more)

ColdFusion 4.0 Developer Enhancements

In the premier issue of CFDJ, Richard Schulze wrote a fine article on several new features of ColdFusion 4.0, part of Allaire's recent upgrade to their entire product line. In this article I'll highlight some additional features of the new release. I'll also expand on his coverage of language features and Studio enhancements. And for those of you who missed Richard's article, I've included another brief review of the key new features. A Major Product Upgrade While 4.0 was released in October, some customers may only now be fully investigating its features. This is a substantial up... (more)