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The Event On Saturday, June 26 in Bethesda, Maryland, several hundred CF developers gathered for the first annual DC ColdFusion User Conference. Created and organized by TeraTech, which sponsors the Maryland CFUG, and co-sponsored by several other notable CF firms including Fig Leaf Software, Infusion, CF Advisor, and of course Allaire, the conference brought together folks from as far away as Illinois, New York, and Georgia. With a day-long menu of presentations and demonstrations from some of the leading contributors in the CF community, it was a CF extravaganza, free to all participants with 10 speakers each offering their time and talent at no cost to the group. Setting the Scene   Michael Smith, organizer of the conference, in front of the Masur Auditorium stage. At 8:30 a.m., people were lined up waiting to file into the huge 550-person Masur Auditorium on t... (more)

Getting Focus()ed and a Quick JavaScript Lesson

Many new J2EE developers get caught up in focusing on the details and nuances of servlets and JSPs and, as a result, may not learn how to leverage JavaScript. Some may even dismiss it as too much hassle, given cross-browser compatibility issues. For both audiences there's still value in learning at least a minimal amount about client-side scripting. Even learning about just one feature - setting the cursor on the first form field you may have - can bring measurable benefit to your site visitors. In this month's Journeyman J2EE, we depart from pure J2EE topics to address this su... (more)

Which Wireless Way?

Wireless Business & Technology welcomes veteran writer and technologist Charles Arehart as our newly appointed "Wireless Journeyman" columnist. Serving as "the developer's developer" he'll be examining wireless technologies and techniques, sometimes praising and sometimes challenging them. He may even change sides on a topic as things develop, but he'll always tell you why. As you make your way into, or through, the world of wireless application development, you're going to face a lot of alternatives. You have to be careful to choose a solution that best fits your needs. The que... (more)

New Possibilities for Session/Client Variable Handling in CFMX

Tucked away among the press and praise about ColdFusion MX are some new options that could benefit every CF developer. If you've seen them mentioned, they may not have seemed important at first glance, but I hope you'll give them consideration. In this article I'll uncover some possibilities for session and client variable handling in CFMX - actually three new features you can choose to enable. I'll not only explain what they are, but why they're important and some other things to be aware of. Are you thinking, "I already know about J2EE session variables"? That's not what this ... (more)

Browsing Within CF Studio/HomeSite+

Do you know how to use the internal browse capability in CF Studio/ HomeSite+? Did you know that you don't need to use the RDS feature to be able to do so? And that you can use it to browse not only CFML templates running on both ColdFusion and BlueDragon, but also JSP, ASP, PHP, and others? Even if you don't care for the internal browser, did you know Studio can load your templates in any external browser you have installed? And that there are keyboard shortcuts for doing either? In this month's Journeyman column, I'll walk you through the steps to enabling internal and external ... (more)