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While we all made it through the new year, there is still at least one more date issue to contend with. Many systems may not properly recognize that this year, 2000, is a leap year. There are 29 days in February. The good news is that Allaire's date functions do properly recognize this, at least as tested by the following code: Day after 2/28/00: #dateformat(dateadd('d',1,'02/28/00'))# (dateadd('d',1,'02/28/00')) Day after 2/29/00: #dateformat(dateadd('d',1,'02/29/00'))# (dateadd('d',1,'02/29/00')) Day after 2/28/01: #dateformat(dateadd('d',1,'02/28/01'))# (dateadd('d',1,'02/28/01')) This tests what the DateAdd function thinks is the day after 2/28/00, 2/29/00 and, for good measure, 2/28/01. The answers, which are correct, are: Day after 2/28/00: 29-Feb-00 (dateadd('d',1,'02/28/00')) Day after 2/29/00: 01-Mar-00 (dateadd('d',1,'02/29/00')) Day af... (more)

Making the Move to J2EE

Welcome to the first installment of Journeyman J2EE. I'm honored to present this new bi-monthly column of ruminations and reactions as I, like so many of you, make my foray through the vast world of J2EE application development and deployment. But this isn't intended just for newbie J2EE developers. On the contrary, I hope to also share tips and techniques of value to experienced JSP/servlet developers. The definition of a journeyman is "a competent and reliable performer or exponent." To me, it connotes a day-to-day working craftsman. Does this describe you? Are you like a journ... (more)

Validating Input with Regular Expressions

Have you ever wished CFINPUT provided a way to validate an e-mail address? Or were you frustrated that its telephone validation didn't allow parentheses around an area code among other such limitations? Well, your wish has been granted in a new, little-known feature of CF5. While many will know of the top 10 or so new features in CF5, few will know about the dozens (yes, dozens) of less-promoted enhancements. One of these is the ability to validate user input by way of regular expressions. (If you're new to regular expressions, we'll show you some examples and point you to the CF... (more)

Toward Better CF Server Administration Part 1 of 2

Are you a CF Server administrator? Or a developer with an interest in knowing how your server is configured and managed? Are you aware of all that should be done to keep the server running well - or all that could be done to make the most of it? One View of CF Administration In this two-part article we'll look at some of the things CF administrators should be paying attention to, as well as some of the things they should take advantage of but may not have noticed. We'll discuss aspects of managing the server that extend beyond the CF Administrator interface, including tasks for ... (more)

Unlocking Restricted Use of CFFILE,CFCONTENT,and More

Many developers know that the CF administrator can restrict your ability to use several tags that not only provide very useful capabilities, but can also be used to provide unauthorized access to server resources. What many don't know is that they can arrange to use those restricted tags on a case-by-case basis with the administrator's permission. In this article, I introduce the Unsecured Tags Directory feature, which most developers don't know about and many administrators don't understand. This feature can be the key to unlocking tags that might otherwise render a developer's... (more)